Why We Are Different

Open-Air WHAT?

What does “open-air” photobooth mean?  It means that it is open, open to fun, craziness and the best time of your life. We don’t hide behind curtains or in a box, we allow you to be you viewed with all of your friends. Imagine, you standing at the Oscars with ten or more of your closet friends, styled with props, while being professionally photographed.

We are the booth that allows not just one or two people but up 15 people in a photo, which by the way is A LOT of people in a picture. We considered traditional booths with enclosures, but it felt restrained, too small, and frankly unsightly. We want to have a presence at your event, not a dark booth in the corner, you are the main focus and we are here to capture the memories. We know that our photobooth experience is like no other, because we offer a unique, high end product second to none!



We Cover It All

Hello Gorgeous is perfect for weddings, corporate events, anniversaries, happy hours, birthdays, baby showers, bat/bar mitzvah's, whenever, wherever! We're based in Sarasota, FL, but we love to travel!

Standard Vs. Custom


Our Standard Package is a fantastic choice and one you will not regret it for a second. Our printerBooth features any one of our standard backdrops, which by the way are anything but standard, our standard props, also awesome, customized template for your event, unlimited photos, and three hours photo time.


Our custom package is our personal favorite. We design a backdrop or setting for your venue to your specifications, by creating a vignette that can be simple or as dramatic as you would like. We offer complementary consultations to see your vision and make it come true. We can customize our props to your theme and make the event completely all about you. We can provide step and repeats, banners and anything your heart desires. We plan on four hours to our custom package, as you may need us a little longer as your guests may linger to enjoy your styled vignette.



To Print or Not To Print?

We love our printer, but if printing is not your thing, our iBooth or socialBooth can offer instant uploads to e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter. Your event pictures will look great no matter what you choose!

Having fun is contagious and we know you and your guests will find this to be true. We are confident that once you have experienced our photo booth you will agree. We strive to exceed your expectations, if you can dream it, we can make it happen, our design team loves making custom backdrops and event styling is our specialty. Your guests will be talking about your event and the memories created for a long time, guaranteed. You will be amazed when you see your wallflower cousin “bogarting the booth”, because of the fun and how awesome they look in front of the camera. We want you to experience your event first hand and because of this we provide ALL photos via a private or open gallery so you can see all of the fun and creativity, you will see that “crazy aunt that never takes pictures” has suddenly come to OWN the camera. You will have memories to last a lifetime and the proof! As a host of an event you cannot be everywhere at one time, our photo booth allows you to connect with all of your guests and relive the moments of the day again and again. Make sure to ask us about our personalized photo experience videos.

Five Things to consider:

Making Room For Gorgeous

Hello Gorgeous Photobooth wants our clients and your guests to have the finest “photobooth experience” possible. We prefer a dedicated 8 ft. by 10 ft. clear area with a minimum of 8 ft. of height clearance in order to set up and operate the photo booth. This area also allows for your guests to safely walk in and around the booth and camera equipment.


Equipment Safety


Due to potential weather conditions such as rain, wind and direct sunlight, we require placement under a structured canopy and against a structural wall. This can be in the form of a roof overhang or tent, unfortunately tree canopies DO NOT count. (Our camera equipment is calibrated to provide a signature look and direct sunlight can wreak havoc with white balancing.)

Ground Control

A hard-packed surface, concrete, tiling or decking preferred, to provide adequate stability for our equipment and to provide your guests with a safe and level surface to walk on. This surface is also needed to secure all cables to the ground.



Power Source

Access to a dedicated electrical outlet within 10 to 15 ft. of the photo booth setup. We request that no other equipment be connected to the provided outlet (lighting, DJ equipment, bar appliances, etc.).


We know you will most likely have cocktails and/or hors d’oeurves at your event, please provide a small (30” or smaller) cocktail table (with linens if necessary) so your guests can be footloose and fancy free during their “photobooth experience”. We will provide a table for our equipment and props. Unfortunately, our equipment and props don’t play well with liquids of any kind!


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